Thursday, August 9, 2018

Camryn | Class of 2019

You have three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you got.

I was already excited about working with someone who had horses AND a miniature donkey (instant LOVE!) but when I met Camryn, she is the nicest, sweetest gal, and man oh man, look at those EYES! What a lovely lady, inside and out!

Getting to know CAMRYN
Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

High school: Jefferson City High School

Three words that describe me are witty, determined, hard-working

One thing people don’t know about me: I started riding horses when I was 3.

Where is the most interesting place you have ever been? Alaska

Best high school memory: For one of my classes, we had a bring your pet to school day. One of my friends brought her goat and we walked him through the school halls.

Favorite food: pasta

Describe your perfect day: My perfect day would be a nice day spent riding or at a rodeo.

Plans after graduation: I plan to use my A+ for 2 years to get my general studies out of the way and after that I hope to transfer to a Veterinarian college. I’m looking at a couple of different Veterinarian colleges but I am undecided as to where it will be.

We lucked out with perfect, sunny weather and Camryn’s make-up held up beautifully, thanks to Jessica Jane of Once Upon a Bride. Thank you Jessica, Denice, Camryn, and Matt (partner-extraordinaire) for a wonderful senior rep session. Extra hearts to Baron and PONCHO (mini donkey LOVE! xoxo Ren 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cory | Class of 2019

We’re just a bunch of average guys that overachieve.
~Coach Cagle

I’m honored when I’m asked to take senior photos of siblings I’ve worked with before. Even better, Cory’s mom knew all the places, outfits, even poses for Cory’s session at their homestead. It made for a nice, easy-going session — even though we were chasing the light! This is CORY.
Getting to know CORY:

Hometown: Centertown, MO

High School: Jefferson City High School

Three words that describe me are funny, quiet, hardworking .

One thing people don’t know about me: I have a crazy sock collection.

Where is the most interesting place that you’ve ever been? Guatemala 

Best High School Memory: A 12-hour car ride to Louisiana while Elijah Jackson sings karaoke the entire time.

Favorite food: cereal 

Describe your perfect day: Wake up at 4:30 go for a long run, workout. For breakfast have a big bowl of Lucky Charms then go watch some New Girl on Netflix. Then I’d go play basketball in the driveway and pretend that am actually good by lowering the rim to 8 ft, then after I win my NBA championship I’d go relax in the pool with my giant inflatable golden unicorn thing. Then it’s about lunch time so I'll throw in a frozen pizza and watch Danny Duncun on youtube. And then I’d go play 9 holes of golf but I prefer mini golf it's definitely more challenging ... then go home watch a Mark Walberg movie. Then go to my comfy bed and go night night.

Plans after Graduation: Air Force pararescue
Liana and Cory, THANK YOU for entrusting 2Rtist Photography to capture Cory’s senior moments. CORY, I wish you a wonderful senior year with the best memories! xo Ren
Behind the scenes photo: Matt Reiske. Thank you Matt for the best assist, always! Check my stories on Instagram @2rtist for more BTS.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Aubrey | Class of 2019

Not every day may be good
but there is something good in every day.
One of the things I look forward to this time of year is our senior rep search. This normally marks the beginning of senior photography sessions for me, so I was very excited to find a few seniors who were equally as excited about the upcoming year. Enter, AUBREY. 
When I met Aubrey, she didn't have a lick of make-up on and was happy about (1) her sushi dinner she just finished and (2) discussing her session -- she was up for anything. I thought, this gal is a natural and you know what? She REALLY IS. Aubrey cannot take a bad photo and she doesn’t have one, certain “look.” She is a dream to work with.

Getting to know AUBREY 

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri 

High School: Rock Bridge High School 

Three words that describe me are adventurous, kind, ambitious.

One thing people don’t know about me: I can eat an entire pizza by myself. 

Where is the most interesting place that you’ve ever been? I went to New York City for spring break 2 years ago and I had never seen so many people (and traffic) in my entire life. It was so interesting to see so many different people and try so many different foods and treats. 

Favorite food: Sushi 

Best high school memory: I cheer for my school so one of the best memories I have was on a Friday night under the stadium lights watching our team score a touchdown that resulted in us winning the game and all of the cheerleaders hugged and celebrated with the team. It was so fun and an awesome experience. 

Describe your perfect day: My perfect day would consist of sleeping in then going to brunch at Cafe Berlin with my friends. Then we would go on an adventure around Columbia until the sun set at the end of the day. I would then take my little sister out to Andy’s right before it closes and look at the stars. 

Plans after graduation: I plan on attending a 4 year college, I am unsure of where I am going though.

A few people to thank for this lovely session: Jessica Jane of Once Upon A Bride for her professional make-up. She is one of the BEST MUA. Matt, my partner and assistant, who takes the best BTS, does the primo lighting, and carries the easy-going conversations with clients. You DA BEST! Kristyn, Aubrey’s mom, who I knew from back in the day -- You’re still a delight and I hope we meet up again for yoga or coffee! And of course, AUBREY -- I’m thrilled she is one of our senior reps for the Class of 2019. xoxo Ren
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Class of 2019 Senior Model Call

2Rtist Photography is currently searching for Class of 2019 high school seniors to be models for our senior rep program! We are looking for fun, responsible and amazing students in Columbia, Jefferson City and surrounding areas (Missouri), who are involved in school and community to represent our team. Senior sessions will be taken in Columbia, MO.
As a senior rep, you will receive a FREE session that includes professional make-up applications, custom rep cards with your photo to share with friends and family, 5 watermarked images for use on Facebook and Instagram, an online gallery to view and share images, discount on final {high resolution} print images, and an opportunity to earn a FREE image package {$270 value}.
Think you will be a great fit? Contact NOW and APPLY by June 30, 2018.

Good luck and THANK YOU for participating! LIKE us on Facebook and follow on Instagram @2Rtist for more updates.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jodie and Brian | Maternity

I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms.
It was a very warm evening when we met up with Jodie and Brian. But Jodie was GLOWING and we managed to go to several areas that hold special memories for the two of them...
Brian took the Amtrak from St. Louis to be with Jodie.
Their first date was at Madison’s. :)
A special shout out to MATT, the best assistant ever, for all these behind the scenes, and always keeping it FUN! Thank you Jodie for reaching out to 2Rtist Photography and entrusting us to capture your special moments. CONGRATS and best of luck to this sweet couple — only a few weeks to go! xo Ren