Friday, September 9, 2011

Live Life. LIVE FULL.

That’s from a Houlihan’s business card. And that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. I’ve often wondered why I continue to blog and share my thoughts, stories, life with you (and strangers, really), but then I’ll happen upon another blogger, who inspires and gives me insight, and that’s enough. For now. I’ve been reading posts from Lan, who is way-cool. We share a love for Matt Nathanson, and apparently a lot of things from her works-in-progress life list. I broke out one of my mini-paper journals that I keep in my tote and started to write and write. It’s endless really, but this is what I have so far. If it inspires you to stop watching reality shows and get off the couch, comment or message me. I’d love to read your life list – BTW, that’s what I’m calling it. It’s not a bucket list because that in itself is depressing and really, a bucket? Mine would overflow.
BTDT {been there, done that}
{I’m starting out with this list because I’ve crossed off all of these already. That’s a good way to begin, knowing that I’ve done it … and I can keep doing it!}

1. Be an extra in a film {there’s no shame in the fact that I was in deleted scenes. It was a big movie with a huge starProps, sister!
2. London, Paris, Rome 
3. Real love / Hawaii / together. Yes, definitely do over again.
4. Give life to beautiful and wise children
5. Tatts. I have three but who’s counting.
6. Ride a mechanical bull.
7. Learn basket weaving, bookbinding, papermaking, and knitting. I have working hands.
8. Ride {a bicycle} 150 miles in two days for charity. Add rain and possible pneumonia. I like a challenge.
9. Ride on a Harley
10. Take dance classes – waltz, salsa … did we tango?
11. Attend concert, {stalk} meet musician, into the wee hours. Ok, so this is my basic strategy for EVERY concert I attend. End of confession.

My Life List
1. Trifecta tatt. Done that, no more, but never say never.
2. Harley road trip with Matt. Preferably include the great Pacific coastline.
3. Meet Rob Pattinson {in the flesh} and have that Holy-F**k-Notting Hill-moment.
4. Travel to Greece. Take amazing photos of the damnest blue sky and virgin white stucco buildings. Because I can.
5. Master the acoustic guitar. Dare to play once during open-mike at a random bar.
6. Skinny dip.
7. Experience love on the beach {again}.
8. Travel to Fiji. Be overwhlemed by the natural beauty. Take more photos.
9. Don’t worry about finances. You’ve saved enough to be frivolous every now and then.
10. Amazing Race. Audition. Do it. Make it happen.
11. London Eye. Go up this time!
12. Go for totally-fit and document it. Because it’s transcient, like everything else in life.
13. Enjoy lobster in Maine. Crash a lobsterbake.
14. Watch the sunset in Fiji. Virgin Islands. Africa. Australia …
15. Indulge in the perfect bed {design and comfort}. Luxuriate in naps and Egyptian cotton.
16. Master yoga – or at the very least, that fookin’ basic airplane stance.
17. Design something beautiful; letter-pressed.
18. Take a cooking class. Home Ec with Sister Lucy in 8th grade doesn’t count. Go to France and be Sabrina.
19. Attend Sundance Film Festival.
20. See U2. They’re not getting any younger. (UPDATE! set to see them June 2015)

That’s all for now. As I cross off one, I will add another. 
{various / Pinterest}

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