Wednesday, September 9, 2009

15 minutes with George Clooney

I’ve been told that this movie, which I had the sheer luck to be an extra in at two locations, will be out in December! If I'm lucky, I won't end up on the cutting room floor (look for hair/back shot with my tan Coach purse in the dream sequence STL airport scene). I was grinning in delight as I recognized the board room scene in this trailer — I met all those other extras and was standing on the opposite side. Bad for me, good for them — though I had a front (smiling) view of Mr. Clooney, one of many, which I hold dear in my memories.

I’m going to share a a few things I learned while filming: 

George Clooney is adorable and absurdly handsome. You already knew that, but I found out that it’s true, one does lose all normal brain function upon meeting such a god.

We weren’t allowed to fraternize with the actors, unless spoken to first. Moment one: Jason Bateman liked my hair and told the hairdresser to leave it alone. Love him. Moment two: George says “Hello.” To which I replied, “ Are you hot?” Like I said, brain malfunction. Note: George was in a spacesuit. I made him laugh.

Actors are SMALL. We are talking thin and tiny. I don't think I ever saw them eat, just drink bottled water and coffee. Anna Kendrick (from Twilight) is a waif — 5 ft. tall, size zero.

Upon (innocently) eating at the area reserved for important TALENT only (not including extras), I discovered that craft service is DELICIOUS — we’re talking prime rib and gourmet shrimp. I don't know why it was served in the special area — the TALENTS don't eat!

Being an extra is dull, tedious, and somewhat degrading work (for example, when they line you up like cattle to choose if you have the right look). I wouldn’t do it again unless Rob Pattinson was involved. Of course.

If you are ever asked to be an extra, always bring more clothes (a variety) than what they request. Sometimes you are chosen by what you wear, and your odds go up the more outfits you have with you.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures on the set but that didn’t stop a lot of people from taking out their iPhone and snapping away. I regret not having the courage, especially when George was less than 2 feet away! Sigh … more in December. :D 

It all started here…

Feb. 24, 2009

Open Casting Call for Clooney’s upcoming film

10:06 am Arrived. Casting was supposed to begin at 10 but apparently opened early for the morning people with blue and red tickets.

Restroom: We met a pretty, petite, modelesque woman who was an Extra in the movie “Bill” with Aaron Eckhart. She told us what it was like to be an Extra in a film (actors ignore you but you get a free lunch…blah, blah, fun experience). She also helped us get in the right line to acquire a white ticket for the interview.

10:30 am We received our valuable, white ticket and decided to have a light lunch at Chevy’s instead of standing in another line. The half empty mall is now filling up with more Extra-wannabes.

11:30 am In line for the interview. We are fortunate enough to be sandwiched between two older gents who boasted about their experiences as Extras. “Do not look at the camera.” hahaha. “I look like a business guy.” Two hours of the guy in the camel coat.

1:30 pm So glad we came today because STL news is filming everyone in line. The lines will definitely be larger for Sunday’s casting. A guy with official badge takes our picture in line. I hope he’s part of casting and not some creeper.

2 pm Interview. Only 10 tables set up and everyone looked tired and ready to go home. They spent less than 5 minutes asking basic questions from our form.

ME: she asked about Mizzou; she looked at my picture and asked my age (I didn’t lie on the form so she either thought I was younger or older); asked me about availability (I can’t do it during Spring Break); asked if I was a member of SAG; asked about my commercial experience, LOL; checked my phone numbers. She told me that it’s normally a one day shoot, free lunch, blah, blah … will call anytime in the next 4 days through April 20.

Basically, it’s


LYNSIE: She is a shoe-in for a flight attendant!

It was only 4 pm and we were looking for Starbucks for much needed caffeine. Ended up at Panera. It was a LONG day. But now we can say we’ve experienced an open casting call for a major motion picture. Check. :-)

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