Monday, September 5, 2011

Night with Maroon 5, Train and Matt Nathanson

Sept. 4, 2011  7 p.m.
It was an exceptional night. Beautiful, cool weather at Starlight Theater, a spacious outdoor venue in Kansas City. Add the amazing live music of Matt Nathanson, Patrick Monahan and Adam Levine ... perfect. When Matt opened up, with his crazy hair and rocking hips — yeah, I’m a bit smitten — he was engaging and soulful as always. Love him.
Train was incredibly entertaining and involved the audience during a few songs. I had a chance to get onstage and be one of the “Trainettes” but dang 5" heels ... I missed my cue and would have surely tripped getting up. The girl in the yellow hoodie floored Patrick when she dropped on her belly and did “the worm” across the stage. Pretty fookin’ awesome. When Patrick belted out Marry Me, he roamed through the audience and you could feel the love pouring out.
Adam Levine and Maroon 5 rocked the open theater. I’m not a big fan of skinny leggings but Adam pulled it off. Sexy, yeah. Does he Move Like Jagger? Oh yeahhhh. Maroon 5 was still going strong when I left my hot seat {thank you Matty, you are the most awesome} to meet and greet Mr. Nathanson. I caught him by the merch stand and chatted. That. was. bleepin’. awesome.

Matt Nathanson. {Ren Reiske © All Rights Reserved}

Maroon 5.
Well helooooohhh, Matt.

{Ren Reiske © All Rights Reserved}


  1. Oh my gosh! I am unbelievably jealous. What a great show.

  2. i am so jealous.

    i also went to the Maroon5/Train show, but Gavin DeGraw opened for them. it was his last night with them and i will tell you, tho i wish him no ill, i was hoping that his broken nose would hinder him from performing and that matt would have to take his place, since he was in the area anyway rehearsing in DC for his upcoming tour.

    i'm pretty neutral about maroon5 and train but they put on a great show, i knew more maroon5 songs than i thought i did and that adam levine knows how to move his ass. train freaks me out a bit, and i hate hate hate that soul sister song and left immediately after he sang Marry Me (a concert goer actually proposed during the song and pat was there to give him a mike...).

    i see matt this month in DC and then 4 days later in Philly. i am so incredibly excited.

    PS. i DO read fanfic. i'm burned out of twilight and hunger games fanfic tho. any reccos would be great!


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