Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Second time around with Matt Nathanson

May 13, 2009 1:30 a.m.
During our pursuit to see Matt Nathanson again, there was that moment when I thought, we are as bad as those crazy, TwiHards in Vancouver stalking the set of New Moon. Jack’s Mannequin was still performing when Ryan and I ventured the area to find Nathanson. Previously, I had walked the grounds with Chris H. only to discover three tour buses and uncooperative stagehands. It was around 10:30 p.m. and we knew Jack's would soon close the show and fans would infiltrate the streets.

That's when we met Shannon and her girlfriend, who informed us that Matt's bus was the one parked by Room 38. We shared stories and Shannon showed us her utterly-extreme-but-cool tattoo of Matt's autograph on her stomach! We decided to wait by his bus. Before leaving, Shannon told us to look out for Conrad (green shamrock jacket) and the guy in the brown plaid shirt -- key members of Matt's band. She also showed us who Megan (the tour manager) was. Megan would get on and off the blue bus and we would ask her questions about Matt. At first she would act clueless. There was a crowd waiting for Andrew McMahon (lead for Jack's) around the corner. There were a few fans by Matt's bus. After an hour of waiting and trembling from the cold, we almost called it a night. But then Megan approached Ryan and me and gave us the DL. Matt was in the back of the bus making calls and arrangements for his wife's birthday today. He was having a hard time finding gluten-free cake. She told us to hang out and we would meet him. This is when I had the TIGER BEAT-yes-I'm-13- moment! It was also when Andrew appeared around the corner so I stood behind him to get a signature. Mannequin fans were gushing about Andrew McMahon and he was unbelievably nice to everyone.

Before I could move in, Ryan yells for me to come back. 
Matt finally stepped out of his bus!
The PICTURES say it all. I'm rambling on and on about seeing him in STL, writing on his blog, his
beignet poetry...all this time, he looks like he just woke up, unshaven, unshowered (but I don't mind!), trucker hat, and briefs hanging out. He is such a NORMAL guy. 

My stalker partner, Ryan, got his shirt signed. I talked Matt into taking off his hat so I could run my hands all over his Edward Cullen hairdoThat was the goal and I DID IT! It was after midnight and we were satisfied that our wait finally paid off. :D


  1. Extremely envious that you were able to stake out his bus and meet him. The one time I could've met him, I was a wreck, there was no way I would've been able to string two words together. I am hopeful that he will tour extensively in support of his new album.

  2. Lan, Tried to comment on your blog {loving it and title} but it kept rejecting it as a duplicate. So I hope you see this. My meetings with Nathanson were at smaller venues so it was easier to approach him. If I were you, that first chance you had, I would have beelined it over, hot mess and all. Matt wouldn't have cared because he's probably one of the most down-to-earth, funny, gregarious musicians you will ever meet. I hope to see him in Sept. when he opens for Train and Maroon 5 at K.C. And btw, U2 has been on my list forever too.


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