Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guitar girl

Two days before my birthday I was having dinner with Matt and he says,“Do you want to open your present tonight?” He was relentless about it because if you know Matt, he doesn’t like to wait when it comes to presents. It’s worse around the holidays. Then it dawns on me … “You didn’t get me anything at the Harley store, did you?”
Matt is a new owner and rider of a Harley Fat Bob motorcycle. This is his latest passion. He gives me this look, bows his head and mumbles something like, “I guess you don’t want to open it tonight.”
I’m convinced he bought me a helmet or boots so I could ride with him. I’m obviously not pleased about this. We get home and he walks by his bike and pats the back of his Harley, as if to suggest that he bought a back seat rest. I ignore him and walk in the house. Unbelievable.
A few minutes later he calls me downstairs and I’ve already put this all behind me. I walk in my study and there is this big black case … in the shape of a GUITAR! I believe I actually squealed and jumped up and down. 
I have been talking about wanting to learn how to play a guitar since summer. I took lessons and played the piano in my youth, so I knew that I could pick up reading music and be very passionate about learning a new instrument. This was a new goal of mine and I was ecstatic. He surprised me. Unbelievable.

Yamaha FG720S acoustic guitar

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