Friday, August 4, 2017

Ryan | Class of 2018

Sharks don’t care that it’s Monday. They’re up early chasing stuff, biting things, letting everyone know they’re a freaking shark. 
Behind the scenes photo: Matt Reiske | Follow on Instagram @2Rtist @bojo6
Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. Ryan’s early morning session started by being locked out of the football stadium — but super moms like Liana, always find a way! 


Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

High School: Jefferson City High School

Three words that describe me are passionate, determined, tough.

football, lifting

Favorite musicians: AC/DC

Describe your perfect day: Playing golf and taking a long nap.

Plans after graduation: Go into the navy and enter special forces. 

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RYAN, you are such a great sport (no pun intended) for putting up with my lack of football knowledge and being so NICE to work with. Thank you Matt for knowing about EVERY sport and always being the best. Liana, it took a little longer but we did it! Thank you for choosing 2Rtist Photography! ENJOY this year and your photo memories. xo Ren

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